Our Mission

Our Mission

The activity of Herdade Cuncos do Meio is related to the production of pigs, cattle and sheep raised in a completely free-range environment. These species are part of a system of exploitation based on the use of the surrounding natural resources, based on the environmental sustainability associated with high levels of animal welfare, allowing the valuation of the inhabited ecosystem.

Since the year 2013, approximately 3000 animals have been fattened on a Mantanheira diet. Of these animals only 80 are fattened in the Herdade dos Cuncos under this diet, and the remaining production is channeled through partnerships with local farmers. The Herdade Cuncos do Meio, located in Montemor-o-Novo, has approximately 140 Ha available. However, due to a strategy of obtaining new markets and internationalization process, we expect the area explored by the end of 2020 to be 10 times greater than the area currently exploited. In view of this objective, a Herdade Cuncos do Meio will be a pioneer in Portugal in the production of organic pigs and other species in the a free-range environment, hoping to commercialize 1500 tons of meat and derivatives annually. Up to today’s date, close to 500 tons of Alentejano pork was produced for the biggest companies of the Iberian market. 1 ton of potatoes and products are cooked daily with other products such as carrots and beets. In the montanheira season a pig can walk 14 km per day and eat near 10 kg of acorn and 2 km of fresh grass.


National Production

All HCM's activity is carried out in the national territory. The production chain is fully integrated from the production of the animals to the obtaining of food and the exploitation of the land of the montado.


HCM is committed to an eco-friendly attitude towards the environment. The use of renewable energy gives total independence to energy and fuel expenses. These solutions extend to the water network of the occupied hectares, as well as to the facilities and houses that make up the production units.

Animal welfare

The HCM animals are free from mutilations such as tail docking and filing of teeth. Access to straw bedding and natural shade areas provide high levels of animal welfare. Parking in low density groups allows for reduced competition by limiting stress levels.

Free Range

The HCM animals inhabit the cork oak and holm oak forests of the Alentejo. The high grazing, the low density and the different manifestations of its natural behavior promote the health of the animals!

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The Herdade dos Cuncos do Meio is located in the Alentejo, in the middle of the National Road N4 between Montemor-o-Novo and Silveiras.

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