Our History

Herdade Cuncos do Meio was acquired in the year 2013 by the German couple Jurgen and Cordelia Schreier. The beginning of the agricultural activity was based on the passion for agriculture by the couple, especially for the pig raising, an activity developed in a homemade and traditional way early by Jurgen Schreier still in his homeland at his parents’ home.

In 2013, a nucleus of 80 animals of Alentejo Swine breed was acquired, half of which gave origin to the first group of breeders of the farm and the other half originated the first nucleus of animals recreated and fattened in the Montanheira season. Also in the same year, a reproductive nucleus of Garvonesa cows and a nucleus of sheep were acquired, which co-inhabit the extensive parcels of the estate together with the pigs. Currently, due to the evolution of the markets, the Alentejo pig production is the main activity of the farm, accounting for about 500 animals produced on an annual basis. In the permanence in the homestead there are more than 1000 animals of this breed in the different states of development and production. The agri-livestock production developed is based on high levels of animal welfare with a view to a full utilization of the inserted habitat, being able to be reached during the Montanheira season an average of 3 Hectares for each animal. Feeding based on the exploitation of the Montanheira ecosystem, the cereals that make up the feed and the utilization of by-products such as potatoes, beets and carrots, together with the parameters described above, defines the production method of Herdade dos Cuncos do Meio.


    In 2013, Jurgen and Cordelia Schreier bought Herdade Cuncos do Meio, to start the production of pigs, one of the many passions that this Germanic couple have.


    In 2013, HCM decided to expand it's business, acquiring Garvoneses bovines and Merina sheep, to live under the same regime as the pigs already acquired at the beginning of this year.


    In 2019 the most important activity of HCM is the Alentejo black pig, the farm is occupied by 1000 pigs in different stages of development and production.


    In 2019, doCampo brand was created with the aim of selling the different products originated by our productions, providing the consumer with differentiated products with guaranteed origin.

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The Herdade dos Cuncos do Meio is located in the Alentejo, in the middle of the National Road N4 between Montemor-o-Novo and Silveiras.

  • Herdade Cuncos do Meio 7050-677 Silveiras
  • (+351) 266 106 493
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