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Welcome to Herdade Cuncos do Meio!

Our Farm

Herdade Cuncos do Meio is located in the region of Montemor-o-Novo, EN4, about 1 hour from Lisbon.

The HCM develops its activity based on the principles of respect and appreciation for animals and good practices of environmental sustainability.

On this page you will find the various activities developed in the Farm, especially our Alentejo black pig and sheep farms!



All the production from the birth of the piglet until its final fattening is carried out at Herdade Cuncos do Meio. All HCM animals are certified and registered in the herdbook of the breed



During your entire life our animals are fed on noble cereals, fresh grass, fruits, roots and by-products such as potatoes, carrots and beets.


The final fattening of our pigs is carried out during the Montanheira period. At this stage the animals feed exclusively on acorns and fresh grass. Each pig ingests an average of 8 kg of acorns and 2 kg of fresh grass per day.


During Montanheira the animals travel approximately 10Km per day. They can reach a final weight between 150 and 200 Kg!

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The Herdade dos Cuncos do Meio is located in the Alentejo, in the middle of the National Road N4 between Montemor-o-Novo and Silveiras.

  • Herdade Cuncos do Meio 7050-677 Silveiras
  • (+351) 266 106 493
  • geral@cuncos.com